The Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) WG has been an IETF working group.
It was developing a new callout protocol which is application message agnostic and could become ICAP/2.0, the next generation ICAP procotol. At least this is what I hope and work for.

The working title of the new protocol is "OCP".
Here are some samples of OCP transactions:
Ad filtering example.
URL blocking example.
A very simple translation example.
A potential way to do embedded OCP on a local file syste.

OPES links

The OPES working group within IETF was formerly charted in February 2002 and concluded in March 2007.
The OPES mailing list is still alive.
Information about how ICAP/1.0 fulfills OPES requirements in this Internet-Draft expired (local copy)
Core protocol: OCP Core (RFC 4037) (local copy)
In order to use HTTP profiles with OCP core, check out the HTTP adaptation draft (RFC 4236) - (local copy)
OPES SMTP Use cases (RFC 4496) (local copy) - based on a collection of use cases
A document about Integrity, privacy and security in OPES for SMTP (RFC 4902) (local copy)
The SMTP profile and other OPES/SMTP work is defined in the SMTP adaptation with OPES draft expired (local copy), later version as txt and html documents.


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